WildStar Goes Free to Play


Coming as a surprise to absolutely no one, WildStar, a sci-fi MMORPG, will soon go free to play.  To be honest, most people were surprised when it was originally announced as a subscription-based game, instead of being free to play from the very beginning.

Carbine Studios, the developers behind WildStar, seem committed to making sure the game doesn’t become pay to win, but instead stays fun for both free players and subscribers alike.  There are no level caps, skill caps, or gear caps for free players like there are in some so-called free games, trying to force players to pay for a subscription to enjoy everything the game has to offer.  Instead, it looks like subscribers and those that frequent the item shop will simply be getting convenience items, like experience boosters, and cosmetic items.

For full details, visit the WildStar announcement page by clicking here.

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