A Few Thoughts on Mighty Party

Mighty Party is a free strategy game on Kongregate, where you collect cards which are used to play pieces onto a field which have special abilities and skills and fight. The goal of each game, as one would expect, is to overcome the opposing pieces and defeat the enemy warlord.

The game has bright colorful graphics and decent music, and plenty of treasure chests to open and new cards to earn. There’s also something of a PvE campaign, though the main focus of the game is the PvP elements.

There is some fun to be had with this game. It’s interesting and the way the different cards and pieces stack up against each other certainly lends to creating strategies. However, like many games of this sort, games that basically take a collectible card game or CCG approach, the game definitely has some drawbacks.

Whoever win generally comes down to one of three things: Who plays first, how the board is laid out, or who has spent the most money.

In many online card games there’s a system in place so that whoever goes second gets some other sort of advantage to help balance out the advantage of going first. In Mighty Party, there is no such advantage given to the second player. Whoever goes first has a clear advantage while the person that goes second often spends most of the match simply reacting to what the other player has done. Implementing some sort of balancing to balance out the player that goes first and the player that goes second is one way the game could be improved.

In many PvP matches, especially once you start getting into slightly higher level matches, various buildings will randomly appear on the board at the beginning of the game. Whichever player the building appears closer to is the player they help. Some of these buildings are very powerful, so that means one player can have a big advantage right from the very beginning by having a building appear on their side of the board. These random buildings need to either effect both players equally or they need to be removed from the game completely in order to make the game more fair and balanced.

The cash shop currency of this game is diamonds. You can earn diamonds by playing the game and completing some in-game quests, but you don’t earn that many. The main way to acquire diamonds is to buy Kreds from Kongregate, and then exchange those for diamonds in the game. These diamonds can then be used to level-up pieces, open treasure chests, and buy new cards, meaning that whoever has spent the most diamonds generally has an advantage. While you can earn some diamonds from playing the game, the amount you earn is so small compared to how much things cost and how many you get from buying them with real money that the game definitely becomes pay-to-win. The most fair way to handle this would be to offer things for diamonds that don’t effect the game directly, such as cosmetics and outfits, or basically anything other than being able to make pieces more powerful directly or being able to buy new more powerful cards. Tweaking this system would also be another way the game could be improved.

So overall, Mighty Party is a game that can be fun at times and has an interesting idea, but it certainly needs to be tweaked and improved to help improve balance.

For a video demonstration of the game, follow the link.

Watch the Video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0-9F1uKtxU)

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