Indie Casual RPG – Soda Dungeon #1 – Free Steam Game First Look Gameplay

Soda Dungeon is a free simple casual RPG on Steam where you assemble a team of characters that explore a dungeon, fight monsters, and collect treasure, all while you act as their manager, buy new equipment for them, and upgrade the tavern to attract more adventurers. The graphics are in a retro DOS style and are quite charming.

Robocraft in Space – Galactic Junk League – Free Space MOBA Gameplay

Galactic Junk League is basically Robocraft in space. Build and customize your spaceship then take it into battle to earn junk and levels which you can use to research new equipment for your ship. A free online game available on Steam, Galactic Junk League is simple and caters to those that like to configure and customize their gaming.

Dinosaurs and Robots in Release Raptor Gameplay

Here we take a first look at some Release Raptor gameplay, a game currently in Early Access on Steam based around a raptor fighting robots while exploring a procedurally generated maze in search of the central computer. There’s also a bit of talking, some music, and a video.

Steam Introduces Item Store for Microtransactions

The team at Valve have added a new feature to Steam called the Item Store which allows games and developers to sell microtransaction and cash shop items directly through the Steam client. This mainly has the advantages of making it easier for games to implement a cash shop without having to manage the technical aspects themselves, and because all the payments are processed by Steam, players don’t have to sign up for yet another payment service and can instead use a payment system they’re already familiar and comfortable with.

The first game to implement this new system is Rust, a buy-to-play title familiar to many. It’s expected that if the system is easy to use for both the developers and the users, many more titles will begin to implement it.


The Danger of Steam Early Access

Early Access on Steam is an interesting idea. A game that’s still in development makes early builds available for people that want to pay to test them out. This gives the company some extra money to use on the game’s development while allowing some people to get any early taste of the game. This system does come with some danger to the game developer, however.

Many of the people that pick up Early Access Steam games are YouTube gamers who are always looking for new games and new content for their gaming channels. Picking up Early Access games allows them to feature games that aren’t available to the general public while giving them a new game to generate new video content with. They often do long, detailed series with these games. That means that before the game even officially launches, it’s already been thoroughly explored by many YouTubers and their viewers.

When the game does finally come out, all of the YouTubers and their viewers have already done everything there is to do in the game and are no longer interested, reducing the number of sales the game can have after launch.

It seems like more and more games are using the Early Access system to generate funds early on which also seems to encourage the games to stay in Early Access for longer rather than becoming fully polished and released.

So while offering a game for Early Access may get the company some extra development funds, it also can reduce their overall sales.

Caves of Qud Early Access

Caves of Qud is a science fiction / fantasy rogue-like game new to Steam early access, and it’s available for all three major platforms.  It specializes in using classic rogue-like graphics and interface design and deep gameplay.  Checkout the video here.