Why the New Star Wars Matters

Some people are mystified by all the hype surrounding the new Star Wars movie and why it matters. Here are my thoughts on the subject. Keep in mind these are just my opinions, and yours may differ.

Star Wars is a well-loved franchise. Many people were disappointed with the three Star Wars prequels, with the actors that were chosen, the cinematography, and even with the stories themselves. They felt Star Wars had lost its way. Then along came Disney and bought Lucasfilm and more importantly, the Star Wars franchise. Many were excited by this, thinking it was a chance for Star Wars to start new and fresh.

Disney made a firm commitment to bring Star Wars back to its glory days. They’ve even gone as far as using animatronics in the new Star Wars movie rather than just making everything CGI, to give the creatures and the movie the appropriate look and feel.

So for many, the new Star Wars movie represents a new beginning for Star Wars. A new chapter, a new adventure, with Star Wars done right, under new management and leadership, under a new hand that truly respects the origins of Star Wars. And that’s why the new Star Wars movie matters. It’s reclaiming something that many people love and giving it a future full of fun stories and adventures, done the way it should be.