New Smackers – Soda Dungeon #2 – Free Casual RPG Gameplay

In this episode of Soda Dungeon, a free casual RPG game where you manage a group of adventurers as they explore a dungeon and find treasure, we add some new smackers to the party, explore the dungeon even more, and find some new and shiny loot and treasure.

Indie Casual RPG – Soda Dungeon #1 – Free Steam Game First Look Gameplay

Soda Dungeon is a free simple casual RPG on Steam where you assemble a team of characters that explore a dungeon, fight monsters, and collect treasure, all while you act as their manager, buy new equipment for them, and upgrade the tavern to attract more adventurers. The graphics are in a retro DOS style and are quite charming.

Super Smash Viking Brothers in Brawlhalla

This game is very similar to the Super Smash Brothers series. It’s arena combat where you try to knock your opponents off the screen. The game seems somewhat random however. Sometimes you do a certain move on someone and there’s almost no effect, and another time you do the same move in the same way and it sends them flying across the screen.

The game features the usual microtransactions that have become common place these days where you can unlock new characters and cosmetic items. Overall Brawlhalla is a fun free game you can play for a few minutes here and there.