Bigfoot’s Car Door Poem

When in the woods,
You hear a thump,
And a tremendous roar,

Look through the trees,
And quiet your knees,
It’s just Bigfoot’s car door.

He’ll get some bread,
And some candy too,
And a bit to drink,

Maybe some soap,
And a shower scrub,
To help him with the stink.

Then home he comes,
Back to the woods,
To put away his stuff,

And into the bath,
Where he yodels and sings,
To clean his Bigfoot fluff.

Alien Candy Poem

Floating there,
Above the ground,
Making but,
A little sound.

A man of green,
Says, “Woo woo woo!”
Then you know,
Just what to do.

A candy bar,
He came to seek,
In his ship,
Smooth and sleek.

His treasure found,
His candy things,
Waving some,
Like candy wings.

He builds his base,
His smile bright,
With wrapper walls,
And lakes of light.

Then with a call,
His friends are there,
They’re ready for,
An alien fair.