Guild Wars 2 Goes Free

Guild Wars 2, the flagship AAA MMORPG from ArenaNet, has recently gone completely free-to-play for the core game.  Guild Wars has always been a buy-to-play game, where you have to buy the game once and then you can play it as much as you want for free.

In an attempt to increase interest in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns expansion ArenaNet has made Guild Wars 2 completely free, where you can download and play the game for free without needing to buy it.  Free players have certain restrictions on their account which those that bought the game before it went free don’t have, such as the number of bag slots they have and the ability to use the map chat feature.

If someone buys the upcoming expansion it removes those restrictions from their account, giving them full access to all the game’s features.

If you’ve ever had any interest in Guild Wars 2 now is the time to check it out.

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