Google Combining Android and ChromeOS

For a while now there’s been talk of Google combining Android and ChromeOS in some way. Most conversation has centered around the idea of Google allowing Android apps to run on ChromeOS so they could easily be used on the desktop. This idea was further bolstered when Google did allow some Android apps to start running on Chromebooks within ChromeOS. Some even thought Google might add some code to the basic Linux kernel, which is the underlying core operating system powering both Android and ChromeOS, so that Android apps could be run natively on any Linux desktop.

It turns out Google is taking the opposite approach. Google is going to embed ChromeOS into Android. This decision has mostly been the result of Android being by far the more dominant platform over ChromeOS. This means Android will be coming to the desktop as an official operating system in its own right in the form of Chromebooks, and it also means the name of Chromebooks will be changed to reflect the new Android base.

This is a very interesting move. It would be even more interesting if Google started offering Android on regular desktop computers instead of on just Chromebooks. That would serve to increase Android developers’ potential market, especially when it comes to games.

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