New Smackers – Soda Dungeon #2 – Free Casual RPG Gameplay

In this episode of Soda Dungeon, a free casual RPG game where you manage a group of adventurers as they explore a dungeon and find treasure, we add some new smackers to the party, explore the dungeon even more, and find some new and shiny loot and treasure.

Indie Casual RPG – Soda Dungeon #1 – Free Steam Game First Look Gameplay

Soda Dungeon is a free simple casual RPG on Steam where you assemble a team of characters that explore a dungeon, fight monsters, and collect treasure, all while you act as their manager, buy new equipment for them, and upgrade the tavern to attract more adventurers. The graphics are in a retro DOS style and are quite charming.

Robocraft in Space – Galactic Junk League – Free Space MOBA Gameplay

Galactic Junk League is basically Robocraft in space. Build and customize your spaceship then take it into battle to earn junk and levels which you can use to research new equipment for your ship. A free online game available on Steam, Galactic Junk League is simple and caters to those that like to configure and customize their gaming.

Light-Based Puzzle Platformer Game | Night Lights Gameplay

Night Lights is a puzzle platformer game based around manipulating light to manipulate the environment. You have to move around boxes, use a lamp, and activate switches to manipulate the light on each level, allowing you access to different parts of the level so you can complete the puzzle. The game is very atmospheric with a distinct art style and enjoyable music. Fans of puzzle games, especially relaxing puzzle games, should really enjoy this game.

Frog Fart Bubbles – Frog Fable Adventure RPG Gameplay

Come, enjoy the wonder of a retro classic 8-bit style adventure RPG with frogs that blow bubbles. The main character blows bubbles too. It seems to be a bit of a theme. Anyhow, the retro graphics and music are nice, with some interesting gameplay.

Loudest Sword Ever – BrightSword Review and Gameplay

Here we take a look at and do a review of BrightSword, a very simple free HTML5 game that appears to be an early effort from the game developer. It’s a simple platform game, sort of, with a very loud sword sound effect and very simple graphics.