Destroying the Show Podcast

Destroying the Show (and Saving the World) Launched

The introductory episode for the podcast Destroying the Show (and Saving the World) has been launched. It’s a podcast about short stories based on shows from popular franchises which change the course of the show just for the fun of it, or in the case of Star Trek and Star Wars, in order to save the world.

Each episode is very short which makes them quick and easy to listen to. While the show is very new, it’s rolling out to all the popular podcasting platforms and you should be able to find it on your platform of choice soon.

The show’s page on

Exploring Disney Plus Podcast Joysticks and Dice Podcast

Podcasting Update

Hello friends. This is just a short note to let everyone know that both the Joysticks and Dice and Exploring Disney+ podcasts are going to be retired. There are two main reasons for this.

The first is that both of these podcasts were experiments to try out a new podcast host. I’ve since decided to switch podcast hosts so that experiment is complete.

The second is that when I first signed up for Disney+ I was expecting there to be many interesting things to watch, but as it’s turned out, other than the Mandalorian which is still only has one season and Gravity Falls, there hasn’t been anything else that’s interested me on the streaming network. As a matter of fact, the plan is to cancel Disney+ and get Netflix instead.

I do have another story-based podcast in development that will use the new podcast host. More information about that will be coming out soon.

Exploring Disney Plus Podcast

Launching Exploring Disney Plus

The Exploring Disney Plus podcast has been launched. Exploring Disney Plus is a podcast where I explore the various shows available on the Disney Plus streaming network and discuss them, helping you to find new and interesting things to watch.

In this first episode I discuss my opinions on the first few episodes of the Gravity Falls animated series and the Mandalorian Star Wars series.

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Joysticks and Dice Podcast

Generic Roleplaying System vs Kitchen Sink – Joysticks and Dice Podcast

In this episode of the Joysticks and Dice podcast I talk about generic roleplaying systems and kitchen sink roleplaying systems and compare them.

Joysticks and Dice Podcast

Joysticks and Dice Podcast Launched

The first episode of the new Joysticks and Dice podcast has been launched. Joysticks and Dice is a podcast that focuses on a variety of gaming, from video games to classic tabletop games.

This first episode is about the future of Flash games where I talk about Flash and browser games and the technology behind them.

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